The "Embroidery" hanging wall from Cluny Museum - "Les Riches Heures" of the Duke of Berry
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Mille Fleurs Style Tapestries Le Joueur de Flûte
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Les Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
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Cartoon on Hand painted Canvas by Annie Bouquet.
is one tapestry from a set named "La vie Seigneuriale" and preserved to the Cluny musem to Paris. In a Thousand Flowers garden a Lady and its "Demoiselle" of company spends the time to the two shade trees; The mistress embroides days of its youth while, her servant tends her a mirror. The youth of these two figures have well been rendered by the painteress. An embroidery to finish at all costs.
RICH HOURS OF THE DUKE OF BERRY stored in the Chantilly museum.
"Le temps a laisse son manteau De vent, de froidure et de pluie, Et s'est vestu de broderie, De soleil rayant, cler et beau."
So sang the prince and poet, Charles d'Orléans, at this time
Let us come on the castle's park. There let us appreciate the time of April, we discusse philosophy as well as of the love to live. Walking, picking these spring's flowerets. Of our attires the centuries will see the magnificence. Sumptuously painted of blue and gold this representation, incredibely, came through the time.
THE LESSON OF MUSIC  is also a "Mille fleurs" style tapestry, particular to the Loire river valley. One can see a couple whose man plays the flute. Traditionaly the background of these tapestries was blue. Note to the over of the couple the dove which symbolizes the peace,.
the draped on blue background will render this tapestry deep and warm.
Tapestry kits contain the canvas hand painted with brush in full colour by Annie Bouquet 's Studio, yarn, a plated Gold needle, and instructions. The 100% cotton canvas is a double weave antique or white Monofil. The thread is 100% pure wool "Medicis" from DMC France and others dyed specifically for us to Aubusson.
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