Mythologic and Fabulous Animals - Greenery hanging wall from 18th Century
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Unicorn, Deer, Lion Ref: 0546 Ref: 0546 Medievale and Flandres's Tapestries Unicorn, Deer Ref: 0475 Ref: 0146
Flemish 17th Century Greenery
Ref: 0146 Ref: 0475
Annie Bouquet Hand painted Cartoon on canvas.
The lion, power and wisdom symbol leaves the fineness and the intelligence symbolized by the Unicorn to debate with the agility and the rapidity symbolized by the deer. Sparrowhawks at that the female dominates are the symbol of the couple. (Mythology of the XIVth century)
This tapestry were weaved in "Flanders" shows a pond where are frolicking two ducks. A luxuriant vegetation fringes this haven of peace. In the distance the countryside creates a perspective
all news in this secular art.
Whole the Middle Ages is filled fabulous animals. The unicorn given place to many interpretations. Here we see it in conference with its other equal. Two sparrowhawks assist the encounter. The whole on backround is scattered of aristoloches.
Needlepoint Tapestry kits contain the canvas hand painted with brush in full colour by Annie Bouquet 's Studio, yarn, a plated Gold needle, and instructions. The 100% cotton canvas is a double weave antique or white Monofil. The thread is 100% pure wool "Medicis" from DMC France and others dyed specifically for us to Aubusson.
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