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These two Bells Pull in Needlepoint were first issued in early century. Now in Great Britain and France we use these Needlepoint to decorate a small wall between doors or in corridor. Like disposed here, we can also frame an hanging wall with. Contrasts of Wool and Silk embroidered by Aubusson or Gobelin stitch are prety nice in the Art Deco style.
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During "Les Années Folles" cushions are the most fashionable thing on the sofa. The designs here where perhaps behind the back of Maureen O'Sullivan when she rested in its dressing room to the "Français".
Alternatively to the Tent stitch, use the St Cyr stitch ("Petit Point" or Basketweave) because it does not deform the groundwork and it resists wear and time.
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Needlepoint Tapestry kits contain the canvas hand painted with brush in full colour by Annie Bouquet 's Studio, yarn, a plated Gold needle, and instructions. The 100% cotton canvas is a double weave antique or white Monofil. The yarn is 100% pure wool "Medicis" from DMC France and others dyed specifically for us to Aubusson.
N.B.: Brass Bell Pull Fittings are sold separately
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